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    • Barre Toelken interview;

    • Professor Barre Toelken talks about his life, beginning with his earliest childhood memories in Quabbin Valley Massachusetts--before the dam--including his families’ folk song/ballad traditions, throughout his education and career in folklore.;
    • Toelken, Barre; Folklore--Utah; Folklorists--Utah; Toelken, Barre--Portraits;
    • La Posada

    • "A hotel master site development plan that involved locating new guest rooms, a spa, a major parking structure and new exterior spaces. Design Workshop detailed landscape plans based on sustainable development techniques such as water harvesting...
    • Landscape architecture;
    • Bart Argyle interview

    • Mr. Bart Argyle discusses his current occupation of raising sheep and cattle. He talks about growing up ranching, and his family history in the area, as well as with ranching. Interviewed by Randy Williams on January 10, 2012 at the Argyle home in...
    • Argyle, Bart--Interviews; Sheepherding; Sheep ranchers; Ranching.; Migrant labor; Argyle, Arthur; Argyle, Ralph; Peru.;
    • Gary Aitken interview, July 11, 2012

    • Gary Aitken talks about his employment with Strawberry Water Users Association for thirty four years, including general manager for twenty two years (1989-2011); Strawberry’s involvement with Central Utah Water Conservancy District efforts to...
    • Strawberry Water Users Association; Central Utah Water Conservancy District (Utah); Strawberry Valley Project (U.S.); Central Utah Project; United States. Bureau of Reclamation.; Municipal and Industrial water; Central Utah Project. Bonneville Unit;
    • Tessler Res

    • "Nestled high on the steep slopes of North Gros Ventre Butte overlooking the Grand Teton Range, the Tessler Residence achieves an appropriate fit with the surrounding landscape. Aseries of terraces extend from the house; some offer expansive views...
    • Landscape architecture; Landscape architecture;
    • Blair Francis interview

    • Mr. Blair Francis talks about his family genealogy and history in the Morgan and Rich counties of Utah. He also talks about the history of ranching in the area, as well as his own involvement in ranching throughout his lifetime. Interviewed by...
    • Francis, Blair--Interviews; Francis, Blair--Genealogy; Ranching.; Pasture, Right of; Ranching; Haying equipment;
    • Tempe Center for the Arts

    • "The Tempe Center for the Arts project area is a 24-acre site located on the southern shore of Tempe's Town Lake. This facility will be the centerpiece of the arts district within the growing urban fabric of downtown Tempe. The arts center...
    • Landscape architecture; Urban renewal;
    • Frances Poowegup and Phillip Chimburas interview, September 12, 2012

    • Ms. Frances Poowegup and Mr. Phillip Chimburas, current members of Ute Tribe Business Committee, discuss the issue of water rights and the history of the Ute tribe with the Central Utah Project. They also discuss current action the Ute Nation is...
    • Central Utah Project; Ute Indian Tribe; Central Utah Project. Upalco Unit; Central Utah Project. Uintah Unit, Wasatch Range (Utah and Idaho); Strawberry Reservoir (Utah); Uinta Mountains; United States. Bureau of Reclamation.;
    • Bruce Barrett interview, July 11, 2012

    • Mr. Barrett talks about his experiences working for the Bureau of Reclamation (pre- and post CUPCA) on water projects, especially the Central Utah Project.
    • Central Utah Project; Jordanelle Dam (Utah); Jordanelle Reservoir (Utah); Uinta Basin Region (Utah and Colo.); Wasatch Range (Utah and Idaho); Environmentalism.; United States. Bureau of Reclamation.;
    • Steve and Robin Boies interview

    • Steve and Robin Boies talk about their ranching upbringing, the ownership and history of their ranch, and raising a family in Elko County. They also talk about their collaborative land management group, their philosophy on land management, and the...
    • Boies, Steve--Interviews; Boies, Robin--Interviews; Ranching; Range management; Hay; Alfalfa; Water in agriculture;
    • Teton Club-cutsheets

    • "Located in the heart of Teton Village, the Teton Club is a 37-room fractional ownership development with a wide range of resort amenities. Design Workshop was retained as landscape architects and land planners. The site plan and garden design...
    • Landscape architecture; Regional Planning; Resorts;
    • Chava Weissler interview;

    • Chava Weissler interview, conducted by Jessie Lavintman. Included in the Oral Histories: Scholars of Feminism collection compiled by the AFS Women's Section Oral History Project. This interview and accompanying photographs are available at the...
    • Folklorists--United States--Interviews; Judaism; University of Pennsylvania; Jewish folklore; Feminism;
    • Susan Glaser Church interview

    • Susan Glaser Church talks about growing up on a ranch, leaving the area and then coming back to her family ranch once she was grown, married and had her own family. She talks about ranching today in Nevada with her family in a family corporation....
    • Church, Susan Glaser--Interviews; Ranching; Pasture, Right of; Beef cattle—Cow-calf system; Farm equipment.;
    • Jay and Holly Carter Interview

    • Husband Jay Carter and wife Holly talk about raising their family on their ranch in Park Valley and the unique education they received; discussed grazing rights, branding, moving cattle to summer range, watershares, draft horses, breaking horses;...
    • Carter, Jay--Interviews; Carter-Spackman, Holly--Interviews; Ranching; Cattle herding; Cattle—Marking; Horses—Training.; Pasture, Right of; Shivaree; Livestock brands;
    • Bruce Peatross interview, June 25, 2012

    • Bruce Peatross talks about his experiences working on Central Utah Projects (CUP) with the Central Utah Water Conservancy District, as well as earlier contract work on CUP projects, including the Upper Stillwater Dam.
    • Central Utah Project; Central Utah Water Conservancy District (Utah); Supervisory control systems.; United States. Bureau of Reclamation.;
    • Aguas Claras

    • "At Aguas Claras, Design Workshop prepared a plan to transform a soon-to-be closed iron ore mine into a new mixeduse village. The result will be a satellite community located in the mountains above Belo Horizonte, a city that has historically seen...
    • Regional Planning; Real estate development; Iron mines and mining
    • Platte Canyon ORMP

    • "Design Workshop developed an open space plan that will protect the most sensitive ecological areas while accommodating growth. A Geographic Information System of natural and cultural features was developed and public meetings were conducted to...
    • Regional Planning;
    • Bow Canmore

    • "The beautiful Bow River Valley Corridor has been experiencing intense pressure for new developments ranging from golf courses and resorts to an aerial tramway. Design Workshop prepared a visual zoning map and set of guidelines for each...
    • Regional Planning
    • Beulah Walther Dalley interview

    • Mrs. Dalley talks about her life growing up on a ranch in Nevada. She speaks about the different duties and chores they all had to contribute, life with 12 siblings, housing the teacher for the area and more details of ranch life in the early...
    • Dalley, Beulah Walther--Interviews; Dairy farming.; Sheepherding; Poultry farms.; Ranching.; Dairy farms; Livestock farms; 4-H clubs;
    • Wise Res

    • "Grounded in the western vernacular, yet fused with a decidedly Tuscan architectural style, the Wise Residence utilizes landscape architecture as a finite gesture against a backdrop of infinite space. The house is scaled to connect with the...
    • Landscape architecture; Regional Planning; Real estate development;
    • Berwyn Andrus Interview

    • Interview with Berwyn Andrus at the Utah State University, Merrill-Cazier Library, Special Collections and Archives, Fife Room (Logan, Utah) on January 24, 2014. He discusses his memories and knowledge of his father's (Dolph Andrus) life adventures...
    • National parks and reserves--Utah; National parks and reserves--Arizona; Natural monuments; Photography; Tourism; Scenic landscapes; Automobiles;
    • Utah Museum of Natural History

    • "The Utah Museum of Natural History’s “secret weapon” for engaging audiences is its unusual setting on the Bonneville shoreline. The new museum will be able to extend its reach beyond the walls of the building and out into nature itself, giving...
    • Regional Planning; Real estate development;
    • Peter Ellison interview

    • Mr. Ellison talks about his experiences ranching on the Ellison family ranch as a young boy during the summer. He talks about his family history, the history of the Ellison Ranching Company, and his past and current roles in the ranching company as...
    • Ellison, Peter--Interviews; Ranching.; Haying equipment; Farm equipment; Pasture, Right of; Livestock brands; Animal marking; Ranchers; Ranch managers; Dude ranches; Beef cattle--Cow-calf system; Sheepherding; Feedlots;
    • Garth and Maydene Baxter interview

    • Mr. Garth Baxter talks about his career in the Forest Service, then later as ranching on his family’s land. He discusses his family history in the Cache Valley, as well as his family history in ranching. Mrs. Maydene Baxter talks about her thoughts...
    • Baxter, Garth--Interviews; Baxter, Maydene--Interviews; Ranching.; United States. Forest Service; Grazing; Rangelands; Vegetation management;
    • Kent Peatross interview, August 9, 2012

    • Kent Peatross talks about his experience with the Central Utah Project in Duchesne County, including being on the board of trustees of the Central Utah Conservancy District two different times, and as the county commissioner in Duchesne County.
    • Central Utah Project; Central Utah Water Conservancy District (Utah); Strawberry Water Users Association; Strawberry Reservoir (Utah); United States. Bureau of Reclamation.;
    • Sundeck-cutsheet

    • "When Aspen Skiing Company (SkiCo) realized they needed to upgrade the aged Sundeck restaurant atop their signature mountain in Aspen and pursued ""LEED"" accreditation, they engaged the services of Design Workshop."
    • Sustainability; Resorts; Real estate development;
    • Rio Grande Botanic Garden-cutsheets

    • "Located on the edge of an environmentally-sensitive riverside cottonwood forest, the Rio Grande Botanic Garden is New Mexico’s first major botanic garden. Design Workshop’s master plan for the facility weaves the cultural history of New Mexico...
    • Sustainability; Landscape architecture; Regional Planning; Urban parks;
    • Betty Bear and Paula Bear Wright interview

    • Betty Bear, and her daughter Paula Bear Wright, speak about their experiences ranching in Elko County. They also talk about their acquisition of J.M. Capriola Co. store, saddle making, leather working and other details. Interviewed by Randy...
    • Bear, Betty--Interview; Wright Bear, Paul--Interview; Bear, Paul; Sheepherding; Sheep ranchers; Ranching.; Saddlery; Leatherwork;
    • Wayne Pullan interview, October 1, 2012

    • Mr. Pullan talks about his work with on the Central Utah Project for the Bureau of Reclamation and the CUCPA office, including BoR Contracts and Repayment Specialist, Planning and Water Resource Group, Program Manager with CUPCA, including Ute...
    • Central Utah Project; United States. Bureau of Reclamation.; Ute Indian Tribe; Central Utah Project. Bonneville Unit; Central Utah Project. Uintah Unit; Central Utah Project. Upalco Unit; Central Utah Project. Uintah Unit;
    • Logan Traffic Forecasts

    • Memorandum to the Interdisciplinary Team members on the subject of traffic forecasts through 2010. Also includes population forecasts estimated for all the counties in Utah from 1940 to 1970, and specific county projections from 1970 to 1985; a...
    • United States Highway 89; Logan Canyon (Utah); Roadside Improvement--Utah--Logan Canyon; Traffic engineering;
    • Sam and Tawni Blanthorn interview

    • Sam and Tawni Blanthorn talk about their experiences together, running a ranch as husband and wife. They also talk about past personal, individual ranching experiences. Interviewed by Elaine Thatcher and Lisa Duskin-Goede on November 8, 2010 in the...
    • Blanthorn, Sam--Interviews; Blanthorn, Tawni Jo--Interviews; Ranching; Beef cattle.; Ranch managers; Ranchers; Cattle; Calves; Beef cattle—Cow-calf system;
    • Wildcat Ranch-award_cutsheet

    • "Through a collective vision of the client, landscape architects, consultant team and the public, the 6,800-acre Wildcat Ranch was planned to redefine the legacy of land in the American West, preserve significant threatened land in perpetuity and...
    • Landscape architecture; Regional Planning;
    • Goldberg Residence

    • "Consideration was given to minimizing visual impacts of the site, which is placed high on a steep hillside. The concepts of simplicity and elegance are carried through in the selection of materials and resolution of detail. The strong forms...
    • Landscape architecture;
    • Tom Bruton interview, June 25, 2012

    • Tom Bruton talks about his career working in the Duchesne area on Central Utah Projects, beginning with work as a geologist for the Bureau of Reclamation and as manager and area manager for the Central Utah Water Conservancy District.
    • Central Utah Project; United States. Bureau of Reclamation; United States. Bureau of Reclamation.; Central Utah Project. Uintah Unit; Ute Indian Tribe;
    • Jay Dalton interview

    • Jay Dalton talks about ranching on the Dalton Ranch; his current roles in handling yearling operation and the feedlot on the ranch; as well as his musical endeavors. Interviewed by Randy Williams on October 30, 2010 at the Western Folklife Center...
    • Dalton, Jay--Interviews; Pasture, Right of; Ranching.; Beef cattle--Cow-calf system; Feedlots; Haying equipment;
    • Rocks at Pinnacle Peak

    • This 22-acre residential development located in north Scottsdale includes 40 villas that are designed with both commercial and residential spaces. To encourage active use of the private villa courtyards, these outdoor rooms are situated to...
    • Regional Planning; Landscape architecture; Real estate development;
    • Village at Blue Mountain

    • "L ocated along the edge of the Niagara Escarpment in Collingwood, Ontario, Blue Mountain is the largest ski area in the province. The plan for Blue Mountain sought to use the existing six-acre snow-making lake as the focal point of the resort and...
    • Regional Planning; Resorts;
    • Chris Chambers Interview

    • Mr. Chris Chambers is a brand inspector, and he discusses his duties as such, as well as briefly speaking about branding and livestock laws in Utah. Interviewed by Randy Williams on December 12, 2011 at the Chambers residence in Smithfield, Utah....
    • Chambers, Chris--Interviews; Dairy farming; Dairy farms; Ranching; Livestock brands; Cattle stealing;
    • Goodyear OS and TP

    • "The goal of the plan is to give residents the opportunity to hike or bike to parks and city centers without conflict with major thoroughfares. The Conceptual Open Space and Trails Plan for the City of Goodyear makes recommendations that could...
    • Urban parks; Landscape architecture
    • Pete Cornia interview

    • Mr. Pete Cornia talks about his family history, and his experience growing up on a ranch, and then operating a ranch as an adult. He discusses his views on ranching, education, farming, as well as various other topics. Interviewed by Bob Parson on...
    • Cornia, Pete--Interviews; Ranching.; Haying equipment; Farm equipment.; Pasture, Right of; Beef cattle—Cow-calf system;
    • Redstone Parkside

    • A 35-acre, mixed-use development that brings together a wide variety of activities and uses into a town center where people can live, work, shop, learn, train, and play. Located at the edge of the 1000-acre Swaner Nature Preserve, unique...
    • Landscape architecture; Urban renewal; Regional Planning;
    • Cliff and Bertha Gardner interview

    • Cliff and Bertha Gardner each discuss their experiences in growing up ranching in Nevada. The Gardners also talk about raising a family on a ranch, the different skills and roles of family members. Cliff Gardner discusses his political involvement...
    • Gardner, Cliff--Interviews; Gardner,Bertha--Interviews; Ranching; Haying equipment; Pasture, Right of; Beef cattle--Cow-calf system; Ranch managers; Livestock—Water requirements; Water in agriculture; Irrigation.;
    • Platte River Commons RP

    • Design Workshop provided master planning and landscape architectural services to British Petroleum for the cleanup and reuse of a 360-acre site in Casper, Wyoming. The location of a former oil refinery, includes a business park, 18-hole golf...
    • Landscape architecture; Regional Planning;
    • Marianne Glaser interview

    • Marianne talks about her childhood, growing up in the Depression in various places around the country, and then spending most of her childhood on a ranch with her grandparents. She talks about going to college in Reno, teaching school in Carlin,...
    • Glaser, Marianne--Interviews; University of Nevada, Reno; Depressions—1929.; Ranching.;
    • Northstar at Tahoe cutsheets

    • "A master plan and design the employee housing for Northstar-at- Tahoe. In addition to leading the client through the entitlement process, Design Workshop prepared design development and construction documentation plans for Phase One of the Sawmill...
    • Landscape architecture; Regional Planning; Real estate development;
    • Gawain Snow interview, June 26, 2012

    • Gawain Snow talks about his experiences working on Central Utah Projects (CUP) on various boards, and his current management position on the Uintah County Water Conservancy District.
    • Central Utah Project; Central Utah Project. Vernal Unit; Central Utah Project. Jensen Unit; United States. Bureau of Reclamation.; Central Utah Project. Uintah Unit; Supervisory control systems.;
    • Irv and Joanne Glenn interview

    • Mr. Glenn talks about his childhood and experiences growing up on a ranch in northern Utah and southern Idaho. He talks about his career as a farrier and horse trainer as an adult. Interviewed by Randy Williams on March 5, 2010 at the Glenn Home in...
    • Glenn, Irv--Interviews; Glenn, Joanne--Interviews; Horseshoers; Horse trainers; Horses—Training; Ranching; Feedlots; Beef cattle--Cow-calf system;
    • Berger Residence

    • "Showcasing a garden within a neighborhood striving to retain its unique Victorian heritage, the garden redesign provided the opportunity to strip off the layers of past improvements made by multiple owners. To return the site to a character...
    • Landscape architecture; Residential architecture;
    • Irene Cuch and Jeremy Patterson interview, September 12, 2012

    • Irene Cuch, Chairperson, Ute Tribe Business Committee, and Jeremy Patterson, Ute Indian Tribe attorney with Fredericks Peebles & Morgan, talk about the Ute tribe’s involvement with the Central Utah Project, including their current efforts to get...
    • Central Utah Project; Ute Indian Tribe; Central Utah Project. Uintah Unit; United States. Bureau of Reclamation.; Jordanelle Reservoir (Utah);
    • Springwoods Village-cutsheet

    • "Springwoods Village is a 1,100-acre sustainable, mixeduse community that will provide employment, retail, hospitality, medical/wellness and residential choices in the northern end of Houston. Design Workshop was hired to complete the master plan...
    • Regional Planning; Landscape architecture;
    • Craig Holmgren interview

    • Mr. Craig Holmgren speaks about being a rancher, growing up on a ranch, and raising his own family on his ranch. He also discusses some of the different struggles and benefits of ranching today. Interviewed by Randy Williams on May 12, 2011 in the...
    • Holmgren, Craig--Interviews; Haying equipment; Cattle—Feeding and feeds.; Ranching.; Pasture, Right of; Pastures--Irrigation;
    • Pete and Linda Holmgren interview

    • Mr. Pete Holmgren speaks about being a rancher, growing up on a ranch, and raising his own family on his ranch. He touches on how ranching has changed from his boyhood, and now watching his grandchildren grow-up on the ranch. He talks a little...
    • Holmgren, Pete--Interviews; Holmgren, Linda--Interviews; Ranching.; Pasture, Right of; Ranch managers; Beef cattle--Cow-calf system; Haying equipment; Range management.;
    • Scott Johnson interview

    • Mr. Johnson talks about growing up in the Bear Lake area, and growing up on a ranch. He talks about issues with dividing the ranch among the family, as well as issues the family face with their property and state acquisition. Mr. Johnson talks...
    • Johnson, Scott Nebeker--Interviews; Ranching; Ranch managers; Dairy farming.; Eggs—Production.; Haying equipment; Farm equipment.; Pastures—Irrigation; Pasture, Right of; Right of property.;
    • Sunday River Village

    • "Plans for a new mountain village at Sunday River Resort are being developed for the Jordan Bowl area. This mixed-use development will be a mountain retreat and a center of outdoor living and recreation in New England. A total of 1,374...
    • Resorts; Regional Planning;
    • Shane Haviland interview

    • Mr. Haviland talks about his profession as a horse trainer – how he began, how he’s changed his business over the years, and how he currently runs his business. He also talks about his philosophy on ranching, range management, horse management. He...
    • Haviland, Shane--Interviews; Range management.; Ranching.; Horses—Training.; Horse trainers.; Dairy cattle.; Milking.; Rodeos; Horses—Breeding.; Horses--Equipment and supplies.;
    • Maricopa cutsheets

    • "Phoenix and the 26 other jurisdictions in Maricopa County asked Design Workshop to create their county-wide open space master plan. The year-long study identifies regional connections and open space systems which will provide alternatives to...
    • Regional Planning; Urban renewal;
    • Grand Targhee

    • "after 11 years of intensive environmental analysis, including two environmental impact statements and various socioeconomic factors, the resort has begun installing the infrastructure to support the Forest Service-approved plans for...
    • Resorts; Landscape architecture; Regional Planning;
    • Tanner Haviland interview

    • Mr. Tanner Haviland talks briefly about his background growing up on a ranch. He discusses his experience as a range rider, and talks about how he got the job, responsibilities involved, and the lifestyle in general. Interviewed by Randy Williams...
    • Haviland, Tanner--Interviews; Horses—Training.; Rodeos; Calf roping; Team roping; Horses—Equipment and supplies.; Pasture animals; Corrals; Cattle herding; Pasture, Rights of;
    • Peterson_Brad

    • Mr. Peterson discusses his experiences as a rancher and as a banker, and the relationship between ranchers and banking and the costs of modern farming. Interviewed by Randy Williams on December 19, 2011 at the Cache Valley Bank, Logan, Utah. The...
    • Peterson, Brad--Interviews; Ranching.; Agriculture--Finance.; Cattle herding; Cattle stealing; Cattle--Feeding and feeds.; Cattle--Feeding and feeds--Climatic factors; Ranch managers;
    • Kent and Jenece Howard interview

    • Mr. and Mrs. Howard share their experience over the last several decades ranching in north eastern Nevada. They discuss pioneering new ranching land, Mr. Howard’s innovative allotment rotation for range health, raising a family and other life...
    • Howard, Samuel Kent--Interviews; Howard, Jennie Jeneca McElprang--Interviews; Range management.; Ranching.; Range management.; Airplanes—Equipment and supplies; Horses—Breeding; Cattle stealing; Cattle herding; Cattle—Feeding and feeds—Climatic...
    • Light Residence

    • "Providing carefully inserted aspen, cottonwood, spruce and pine trees near the residence, Design Workshop created attractive screening around the residence, while being sensitive to maintaining the character of the low native vegetation of the...
    • Landscape architecture;
    • Owl Creek Townhomes cutsheets

    • "The Owl Creek Townhomes provide quality residential living that responds to and respects the character of the Snowmass community as well as the magnificent Rocky Mountain environment. Design Workshop has carefully planned the location of the Owl...
    • Landscape architecture; Regional Planning; Real estate development;
    • Kent Johnson interview

    • Mr. Kent Johnson talks about growing up on a ranch on Bear Lake. He discusses how the family ranch was divided, raising his own family on a ranch, and his current ranching operation. Interviewed by Bob Parson on December 8, 2011 in Rich County,...
    • Johnson, Kent--Interviews; Bear Lake (Utah and Idaho); Ranching; Beef cattle--Cow-calf system; Pasture, Right of; Cattle--Equipment and supplies; Pastures—Irrigation; Haying equipment; Ranch managers;
    • Thomas and Rosita Marvel interview

    • Tom and Rosita Marvel discuss their lives as ranchers in northeastern Nevada, including information about their ancestry, W.T. Jenkins, sheepherding, Basque sheep men, the Martin Ranch, training horses and their children. Interviewed by Mary...
    • Ranching.; Sheepherding; Horse shows; Horses—Training.; Rodeos; Cattle herding; Migrant labor.; Horses--Breeding.; Sheep ranchers; Sheepherding;
    • Mike Meek interview

    • Mr. Mike Meek talks a little bit about growing up as one of eight kids on a small ranch. He discusses how he made a career as a rancher, ranching for a corporate ranch. He explains his various roles throughout his career in corporate ranching....
    • Meek, Mike; Ranching; Haying equipment; Pasture, Right of; Pasture animals; Feedlots; Beef cattle--Cow-calf system; Agricultural education.;
    • Snake River Basin

    • "Taking a unique approach to private development, Keystone Resort is funding a master planning process to establish future development guidelines for the entire Snake River Basin. With input from local residents and the county planning office,...
    • Regional Planning;
    • Billy Maupin interview

    • Mr. Maupin talks about his background working on ranches, including a career of being a ranch manager and a cow boss. He also talks about his post-ranching occupations of bronc saddle building and being a brand inspector. [Mr. Maupin received the...
    • Billy, Maupin--Interviews; Ranch managers; Ranching.; Saddlery; Rodeos; Pasture, Right of; Sheepherding; Migrant labor.; Peru.; Cattle—Breeding; Beef cattle--Cow-calf system; Cattle—Marking;
    • Rich Tullis interview, September 24, 2012

    • Rich Tullis talks about his work in water, beginning with the Utah Division of Water Recourses and for the past twenty two years with the Central Utah Water Conservancy District (CUWCD) as an engineer, operation and maintenance (O&M) manager and...
    • Central Utah Project; Central Utah Water Conservancy District (Utah);
    • Patti Kimber interview

    • Patti Kimber talks about her experience as the contractor for the post office in Grouse Creek. She also talks about her other side business, as well as raising a family in a rural community, including sending them to Idaho to school when they got...
    • Kimber, Patti--Interviews; United States Postal Service. ; Haying equipment; Livestock brands; Rodeos; Rural schools.;
    • Darrell and Sharon Kunzler interview

    • Mr. Darrell Kunzler talks about his life-long career in the cattle industry as well as his roles in various organizations and associations. He discusses the year-long ranching cycle, and how he has come to grow his ranch (and is now handing it down...
    • Kunzler, Darrell--Interviews; Kunzler, Sharon--Interviews; Ranch managers; Ranchers; Pasture, Right of; Pasture animals; Haying equipment; Feedlots; Cattle—Breeding; Beef cattle--Cow-calf system;
    • Pikes Peak MUP

    • As most of Pikes Peak is preserved, growing populations began to increase demand more access to recreation to the mountain. Leading a team, Design Workshop recommended how to reconcile natural resource protection and recreation needs for the 200...
    • Regional Planning;
    • Burt Kunzler interview

    • Burt Kunzler, a life-long resident of Park Valley, Utah, compares cattle and sheep ranching in the area. He and his two younger brothers run the family operation together, yet divide responsibilities of overseeing the crops, cattle, and sheep. They...
    • Kunzler, Burt--Interviews; Ranching.; Sheepherding; Pasture, Right of; Pasture animals; Ranch Managers; Ranchers; Haying equipment; Sheep-shearing; Migrant labor.; Peru; Shivaree; Marriage customs and rites.; Sheep dogs;
    • Riverfront Park cutsheets sm

    • "Riverfront Park has emerged from a 60-acre former rail yard immediately adjacent to Denver’s existing downtown core. Design Workshop’s development framework plan for Riverfront Park, commissioned by the Trillium Corporation, allowed the...
    • Urban renewal; Landscape architecture;
    • Elaine Larson interview

    • Elaine Larson talks about growing up on the Deseret Ranch in Rich County, Utah where her father, Peter Mower, was the ranch foreman. Interviewed by Randy Williams on June 25, 2010 at the Larson home in Plain City, Utah. The transcript is provided...
    • Larson, Elaine--Interviews; Ranchers; Sheepherding; Ranch manager; Haying equipment; Livestock brands; Dairy farming; Cooking (Variety meats);
    • Orchard Town Center

    • "Pedestrian movement across the entire length of the town square is stimulated by creating a strong pedestrian link between the retail district and adjacent residential neighborhood. Vertical canopy elements combine with interesting monumental...
    • Urban renewal; Landscape architecture;
    • First store in Newton, Utah

    • Alfred and Ann Atkinson built their home in 1870. The first people in Newton united on organizing a company and started a co-op store. Goods and supplies were purchased from ZCMI in Salt Lake City. This first store in Newton was opened by Alfred ...
    • Newton (Utah)--History; Newton (Utah)--Local History; Newton (Utah)--Photographs; Stores--General stores--Utah--Newton; Log buildings--Utah--Newton;
    • Parque Residencial Loma Larga

    • a 26-hectare (62.2 acre), private, first-class mixed-use development of high-rise and high-density buildings designed with progressive urban design and planning techniques. The client has the highest aspirations for achieving local, national and...
    • Regional Planning; Sustainability;
    • Bill Kimber interview

    • Mr. Bill Kimber talks about his ranch property in Grouse Creek, Utah. He talks about being the fifth generation to ranch the family property and the other jobs he has worked in order to continuing ranching his own property. Interviewed by Randy...
    • Kimber, Bill--Interviews; Pasture, Right of; Beef cattle--Cow-calf system; Dairy farming.; Ranching.; Ranch managers; Pastures—Irrigation; Utah. Department of Transportation; Roads—Equipment and supplies; Roads--Maintenance and repair.; Haying...
    • Tahoe VP

    • "Over the years, lack of a cohesive plan for the future, difficult regulations and increasing tourism competition has lead to the economic decline of South Lake Tahoe. This plan created a healthy balance between the natural environment and a...
    • Regional Planning; Sustainability;


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