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    • Ira T. Wines interview

    • Ira T. Wines talks about growing up in a ranching family, in Elko County Nevada, learning by watching his father (and other cowboys) and by doing. He talks about managing the Ellison’s Spanish Ranch and the yearly work cycle. Ira talks about his...
    • Wines, Ira T.--Interviews; Ranching.; Ranchers; Ranch managers; Education, Rural.; Rural schools.; Livestock brands; Animal marking; Pasture animals; Pasture, Right of; Cowboys.; Predatory animals--Control; Beef cattle--Cow-calf system; Saddlery.;...
    • Claudia Wines interview

    • Claudia Wines talks about her life growing up on a ranch, on being a ranch wife, as well as being a teacher in rural Nevada. She also talks about the Northeastern Nevada Museum, of which she is currently Director. Interviewed by Randy Williams on...
    • Wines, Claudia--Interviews; Rancher's spouses; Education, Rural.; Northeastern Nevada Museum; Ranch life.; Rural schools.; 4-H Youth Development Program (U.S.); Future Farmers of America; Rodeos; Pasture, Right of; Environmentalists.;
    • Jay Wilde interview

    • Mr. Jay Wilde talks about his life living and working on and with the land, and with cattle. He discusses his views on land management, including afforestation, intensive grazing (Allan Savory method). He talks about his cooperation with the Forest...
    • Wilde, Jay--Interviews; Ranching.; Pasture, Right of; Pasture animals; Range management.; Grazing.; Rangelands.; Riparian areas--Management.; Ecosystem management; Riparian ecology; United States. Forest Service; Automobile mechanics; Haying...
    • Nature Center Clark County WP

    • "The 100-acre Nature Center at Clark County Wetlands Park is Phase 1 of the 3,200-acre Clark County Wetlands Park implementation. The interpretive areas reveal the park’s environment; the outdoor classrooms offer water sampling, an opportunity to...
    • Wetlands; Parks; Regional Planning; Landscape architecture;
    • Kelly and Heather Warr interview

    • Kelly and Heather Warr discuss their ranching life, as well as their supplemental business endeavors. Heather talks about her e-commerce business ventures, as well as being a rural ranching wife. Interviewed by Elaine Thatcher and Lisa Duskin-Goede...
    • Warr, Kelly--Interviews; Warr, Heather--Interviews; Ranching.; Ranchers; Electronic commerce.; Ranch spouses; Livestock brands; Animal marking; Ranching.; Pasture, Right of; Country life.; Reality television programs; Beef cattle--Cow-calf system;
    • La Cantera III-cutsheet

    • "Design Workshop crafted a statement which envisions the 178-acre parcel at La Cantera as a “nationally recognized mixed-use district that preserves the scenic beauty of the site through an open-space and a drainage framework that preserves open...
    • Urban renewal; Regional Planning;
    • Republic Plaza_Fact Sheet

    • One of several downtown Denver Class A office properties, Republic Plaza was originally designed by SOM and completed in 1983. An incomplete design understanding of the severity of freeze-thaw cycles in Denver contributed to rapid deterioration of...
    • Urban renewal; Landscape architecture;
    • Republic Plaza

    • One of several downtown Denver Class A office properties, Republic Plaza was originally designed by SOM and completed in 1983. An incomplete design understanding of the severity of freeze-thaw cycles in Denver contributed to rapid deterioration of...
    • Urban renewal; Landscape architecture;
    • Orchard Town Center

    • "Pedestrian movement across the entire length of the town square is stimulated by creating a strong pedestrian link between the retail district and adjacent residential neighborhood. Vertical canopy elements combine with interesting monumental...
    • Urban renewal; Landscape architecture;
    • Riverfront Park cutsheets sm

    • "Riverfront Park has emerged from a 60-acre former rail yard immediately adjacent to Denver’s existing downtown core. Design Workshop’s development framework plan for Riverfront Park, commissioned by the Trillium Corporation, allowed the...
    • Urban renewal; Landscape architecture;
    • Union Park_cutsheets

    • "Las Vegas and Newland Communities to create a master plan to guide the development of this 61- acre downtown redevelopment site. Organized around an urban framework based on principles of integration, human-scaled design and street-level comfort,...
    • Urban parks; Sustainability; Branding; Urban renewal; Regional Planning;
    • Mill Creek cutsheets

    • "Mill Creek Village planned new community lies at the western edge of Chicago and is limited by regional environmental and growth policies. The community’s master plan aims to avoid the trend toward suburban sprawl, and the developer made...
    • Urban parks; Landscape architecture; Wetlands
    • Symphony Park-cutsheets

    • "Everyone performs at Symphony Park. In the largest sense, the park is designed to be a stage for the events of daily life. Residents, workers and visitors script their own experience in the park and observe the choreography of others. The Symphony...
    • Urban parks; Landscape architecture;
    • Goodyear OS and TP

    • "The goal of the plan is to give residents the opportunity to hike or bike to parks and city centers without conflict with major thoroughfares. The Conceptual Open Space and Trails Plan for the City of Goodyear makes recommendations that could...
    • Urban parks; Landscape architecture
    • Crescent Park_Awards

    • "To create a community park in the North West Neighborhood of Lowry, a former U.S. Air Force base. The mission of this work is to transform the former military community into a mixed-use community strongly defined by well designed parks and open...
    • Urban parks; Landscape architecture
    • Minutes from July 28, 1986 Interdisciplinary Team meeting

    • Minutes from July 28, 1986 Interdisciplinary Team meeting. Review of minutes, traffic count data, presentation of proposed traffic forecast, highway capacity and level of service determination, review of accident data, and an update on status of...
    • United States Highway 89; Utah; Roadside Improvement--Utah--Logan Canyon;
    • Minutes from October 20, 1986 Interdisciplinary Team meeting

    • Minutes from October 20, 1986 Interdisciplinary Team meeting. Review of minutes, discussion of satety analysis technical memo, study of goals and objectives, discussion of geotechnical investigations, and alternate routes to Logan Canyon.
    • United States Highway 89; Traffic engineering;
    • Minutes of June 23, 1986 Interdiscipline Team meeting

    • Minutes of June 23, 1986 Interdisciplinary Team meeting. Review of minutes, discussion of role of Interdisciplinary Team, level of documentation required, public involvement program outline, and the schedule.
    • United States Highway 89; Roadside Improvement--Utah--Logan Canyon;
    • Logan Traffic Forecasts

    • Memorandum to the Interdisciplinary Team members on the subject of traffic forecasts through 2010. Also includes population forecasts estimated for all the counties in Utah from 1940 to 1970, and specific county projections from 1970 to 1985; a...
    • United States Highway 89; Logan Canyon (Utah); Roadside Improvement--Utah--Logan Canyon; Traffic engineering;
    • Draft traffic forecast

    • Evaluation of present and future traffic needs by looking at roadway design, current traffic volumes, and the traffic patterns in Logan Canyon.
    • Traffic engineering; United States Highway 89;
    • Correspondence and status update on Logan Canyon

    • Correspondence from Bryan Dixon to Rudy Lukez, March 28, 1987; correspondence from Jay A. Monson to James (Jim) Naegle; and the Logan Canyon Highway project status and issues with a history of the project, timline, alternatives being considered,...
    • Traffic engineering; Environmental policy; Roads Improvement--Utah--Logan Canyon;
    • Barre Toelken interview;

    • Professor Barre Toelken talks about his life, beginning with his earliest childhood memories in Quabbin Valley Massachusetts--before the dam--including his families’ folk song/ballad traditions, throughout his education and career in folklore.;
    • Toelken, Barre; Folklore--Utah; Folklorists--Utah; Toelken, Barre--Portraits;
    • Kenna Tanner interview

    • Mrs. Tanner talks about her ranching heritage, including being raised on a ranch in Park Valley, Utah, marrying a rancher and raising her own family on a ranch in Grouse Creek, Utah, and her different roles and occupations over the years, while...
    • Tanner, Kenna--Interviews; Tanner, Merlin; Country life; Education, Rural; Rural families; Ranch life; Farm life; Chores; Ranching; Rancher's spouses--Supplementary employment; Emergency medical technicians; Ranching; Cattle Ranching; Beef...
    • Julie and Diane Tanner interview

    • Diane Tanner and Julie Tanner (married to brothers) talk about what it’s like being a ranch wife in Grouse Creek, Utah. They speak about their different roles in ranching and raising a family in rural Utah, including what it’s like being so far way...
    • Tanner, Julie--Interviews; Tanner, Diane--Interviews; Country life.; Education, Rural.; Rural families; Ranch life.; Farm life.; Chores.; Ranching.; Folk art.; Rancher's spouses;
    • Jay and Blaine Tanner interview

    • Brothers, Jay and Blaine Tanner, speak about growing up on a ranch in Grouse Creek, Utah; buying their grandfather’s ranch property, and ranching together, with their brother Brent, as adults. Interviewed by Randy Williams on November 8, 2010 at...
    • Tanner, Jay Merlin--Interviews; Tanner, Blaine Kunzler--Interviews; Ranching.; Ranch managers; Ranchers; Feedlots; Cowboys.; Rodeos; Veterinary medicine.; Beef cattle--Cow-calf system; Pasture, Right of; Pasture animals; Rural schools.; Country...
    • Gordon Tanner interview

    • Mr. Tanner talks about growing up on a ranch in Grouse Creek, his different occupations throughout adulthood (including cowboying at the Gamble Ranch—a Utah Construction ranch—and driving truck), and finally moving back to his wife’s family...
    • Tanner, Gordon Kay--Interviews; Cowboys.; Ranching.; Truck driving.; Beef cattle--Cow-calf system; Haying equipment; Livestock brands; Animal marking; Ranch managers; Ranchers; Leatherwork.;
    • Sundeck-cutsheet

    • "When Aspen Skiing Company (SkiCo) realized they needed to upgrade the aged Sundeck restaurant atop their signature mountain in Aspen and pursued ""LEED"" accreditation, they engaged the services of Design Workshop."
    • Sustainability; Resorts; Real estate development;
    • Rio Grande Botanic Garden-cutsheets

    • "Located on the edge of an environmentally-sensitive riverside cottonwood forest, the Rio Grande Botanic Garden is New Mexico’s first major botanic garden. Design Workshop’s master plan for the facility weaves the cultural history of New Mexico...
    • Sustainability; Landscape architecture; Regional Planning; Urban parks;
    • Mearl and Emma Row interview

    • Mr. Row talks about growing up in Idaho and Wyoming; his work from seven years old, including herding cows, haying, road building, construction, cowboying and ranching. Mr. Row talks about his desire to learn, to work hard and to respect others. He...
    • Row, Mearl--Interviews; Row, Emma--Interviews; Ranching.; Ranchers; Ranch managers; Range management.; Haying equipment; Roads—Design and construction.; Cowboys.; Cattle herding; Pasture, Right of;
    • Minutes from July 28, 1986 Interdisciplinary Team meeting

    • Minutes from July 28, 1986 Interdisciplinary Team meeting. Review minutes, traffic count data, presentation of proposed traffic forecast, discussion of highway capacity and level of service determination, review of accident data, and update on...
    • Roadside Improvement--Utah--Logan Canyon; United States Highway 89; Traffic engineering;
    • Village at Northstar

    • The Village at Northstar is the first step towards fulfilling Northstar at Tahoe’s goal of providing a balanced resort environment, a vibrant pedestrian-oriented center for year-round mountain activities. The Village at Northstar houses a variety...
    • Resorts; Sustainability; Landscape architecture;
    • Sunday River Village

    • "Plans for a new mountain village at Sunday River Resort are being developed for the Jordan Bowl area. This mixed-use development will be a mountain retreat and a center of outdoor living and recreation in New England. A total of 1,374...
    • Resorts; Regional Planning;
    • Hakuba cutsheet

    • a master plan for the 14 Acre base village, to analyze existing mountain ski terrain and infrastructure, to develop sustainable solutions alternatives and to develop a market analysis for retail and residential housing options, including a...
    • Resorts; Regional Planning;
    • Little Nell-cutsheet

    • "The base area redevelopment for Aspen Mountain and the Little Nell Hotel was completed in 1989. It has since proven its merit with financial success. One of the most important design aspects for this compact site was to harmonize public access to...
    • Resorts; Real estate development; Landscape architecture;
    • Grand Targhee

    • "after 11 years of intensive environmental analysis, including two environmental impact statements and various socioeconomic factors, the resort has begun installing the infrastructure to support the Forest Service-approved plans for...
    • Resorts; Landscape architecture; Regional Planning;
    • Four Seasons Resort Hotel

    • "The Four Seasons Resort Hotel evokes the historic character of Wyoming and the grand historic park lodges of Glacier and Yellowstone. Design Workshop’s approach captures the dramatic context of the site with innovative landscape elements...
    • Resorts; Landscape architecture
    • Seventh Street Esplanade

    • "The Seventh Street Esplanade is a riverfront plaza that connects Glenwood Springs’ downtown business district, the railroad station and tourist accommodations. The Esplanade redevelops an unused, automobileoriented area into a vibrant pedestrian...
    • Regional Planning; Urban renewal;
    • Maricopa cutsheets

    • "Phoenix and the 26 other jurisdictions in Maricopa County asked Design Workshop to create their county-wide open space master plan. The year-long study identifies regional connections and open space systems which will provide alternatives to...
    • Regional Planning; Urban renewal;
    • Tahoe VP

    • "Over the years, lack of a cohesive plan for the future, difficult regulations and increasing tourism competition has lead to the economic decline of South Lake Tahoe. This plan created a healthy balance between the natural environment and a...
    • Regional Planning; Sustainability;
    • Parque Residencial Loma Larga

    • a 26-hectare (62.2 acre), private, first-class mixed-use development of high-rise and high-density buildings designed with progressive urban design and planning techniques. The client has the highest aspirations for achieving local, national and...
    • Regional Planning; Sustainability;
    • Starr Pass

    • Starr Pass is a 950-acre parcel of land two miles from downtown Tucson. Design Workshop completed a thorough site analysis that led to a land plan to conserve the site’s sensitive slopes, floodplains, viewsheds and vegetation. Starr Pass is...
    • Regional Planning;
    • Village at Blue Mountain

    • "L ocated along the edge of the Niagara Escarpment in Collingwood, Ontario, Blue Mountain is the largest ski area in the province. The plan for Blue Mountain sought to use the existing six-acre snow-making lake as the focal point of the resort and...
    • Regional Planning; Resorts;
    • Verde River Greenway

    • "In designing the Verde River Greenway, Design Workshop combined state-of-the-art computer technology with old-fashioned town meetings for a 15- month planning study. The project began with a strong recreational orientation, but the...
    • Regional Planning;
    • Aguas Claras

    • "At Aguas Claras, Design Workshop prepared a plan to transform a soon-to-be closed iron ore mine into a new mixeduse village. The result will be a satellite community located in the mountains above Belo Horizonte, a city that has historically seen...
    • Regional Planning; Real estate development; Iron mines and mining
    • Utah Museum of Natural History

    • "The Utah Museum of Natural History’s “secret weapon” for engaging audiences is its unusual setting on the Bonneville shoreline. The new museum will be able to extend its reach beyond the walls of the building and out into nature itself, giving...
    • Regional Planning; Real estate development;
    • Bow Canmore

    • "The beautiful Bow River Valley Corridor has been experiencing intense pressure for new developments ranging from golf courses and resorts to an aerial tramway. Design Workshop prepared a visual zoning map and set of guidelines for each...
    • Regional Planning
    • Platte Canyon ORMP

    • "Design Workshop developed an open space plan that will protect the most sensitive ecological areas while accommodating growth. A Geographic Information System of natural and cultural features was developed and public meetings were conducted to...
    • Regional Planning;
    • Pikes Peak MUP

    • As most of Pikes Peak is preserved, growing populations began to increase demand more access to recreation to the mountain. Leading a team, Design Workshop recommended how to reconcile natural resource protection and recreation needs for the 200...
    • Regional Planning;
    • Snake River Basin

    • "Taking a unique approach to private development, Keystone Resort is funding a master planning process to establish future development guidelines for the entire Snake River Basin. With input from local residents and the county planning office,...
    • Regional Planning;
    • Grand Residence Club

    • "The Grand Residence Club is a mixed-use project with retail stores on the ground level that wrap around the entire building. The interior courtyard is sheltered from the public with two large spas and the pool, which are surrounded by native...
    • Regional Planning; Landscape architecture; Resorts
    • Rocks at Pinnacle Peak

    • This 22-acre residential development located in north Scottsdale includes 40 villas that are designed with both commercial and residential spaces. To encourage active use of the private villa courtyards, these outdoor rooms are situated to...
    • Regional Planning; Landscape architecture; Real estate development;
    • NDOT cutsheets

    • "The Nevada Department of Transportation (NDOT) faced an ongoing struggle to provide an adequate road system to serve an increasingly sophisticated, tourist-based economy. Design Workshop worked in coordination with NDOT engineers to create a...
    • Regional Planning; Landscape architecture;
    • Springwoods Village-cutsheet

    • "Springwoods Village is a 1,100-acre sustainable, mixeduse community that will provide employment, retail, hospitality, medical/wellness and residential choices in the northern end of Houston. Design Workshop was hired to complete the master plan...
    • Regional Planning; Landscape architecture;
    • I25 Conservation CP

    • "Design Workshop and The Conservation Fund developed an action plan to protect all lands within this approximate 100,000-acre study area. The plan identifies the most critical lands, direct implementation efforts and funding opportunities."
    • Regional Planning; Interstate 25
    • Santa Fe VA

    • "Santa Fe County has taken the first step in preparing a comprehensive open lands plan for the county. An extensive public process that included the cultural diversity of the area successfully recorded the county’s scenic resources, and residents...
    • Regional Planning;
    • Mariposa Ranch Cutsheets

    • "The 6,500-acre Mariposa Ranch Community will offer residents a chance to live, work and play in a stunning desert landscape complete with 360-degree views of surrounding mesas and distant mountains. Design Workshop's challenge for this project was...
    • Regional Planning;
    • Vail Comprehensive OLP

    • "The Town of Vail, while surrounded by National Forest lands, is 90 percent built-out and concerned with protecting its remaining environmental resources. The town also wants to increase outdoor recreation opportunities. Through a comprehensive...
    • Regional Planning; Communities;
    • Thomas and Rosita Marvel interview

    • Tom and Rosita Marvel discuss their lives as ranchers in northeastern Nevada, including information about their ancestry, W.T. Jenkins, sheepherding, Basque sheep men, the Martin Ranch, training horses and their children. Interviewed by Mary...
    • Ranching.; Sheepherding; Horse shows; Horses—Training.; Rodeos; Cattle herding; Migrant labor.; Horses--Breeding.; Sheep ranchers; Sheepherding;
    • Diane Tanner interview

    • Mrs. Tanner talks about moving to Grouse Creek as an outsider (when she married), about being a ranching wife, life in such a rural area and the families business ventures, including a dude ranch. Interviewed by Randy Williams on November 8, 2010...
    • Ranching; Dude ranches; Teaching.; Gymkhanas (Horsemanship); Rural schools.; Education, Rural.; Saddlery; Leatherwork.; Rural families; Rodeo; 4-H Youth Development Program (U.S.); Future Farmers of America;
    • Marge and Gary Prunty interview

    • Marge Prunty talks about growing up on a ranch, marrying a rancher, establishing their own ranch, and raising their family on a ranch. She also talks about the other methods of supplemental income, including: teaching school, renting rodeo stock,...
    • Prunty, Marjory Bieroth--Interviews; Prunty, Gary--Interviews; Hay--Haying equipment; Range management; Ranchers; Stacks (Hay, grain, etc.); Beef cattle--Cow-calf system; Ranching; Hunting guides; Teaching; Rodeo stock contractors;...
    • George and Ruth Parman

    • Cliff Gardner speaks to George and Ruth Parman (via telephone) about their lives ranching in northeastern Nevada. They talk a little about how their families came to be in the area, experiences raising their own family on a ranch, and different...
    • Parman, George--Interviews; Parman, Ruth--Interviews; Horse farms.; Horse trainers; Horses--Training.; Pasture, Right of; Pastures—Irrigation; Ranch Managers; Ranching.; Sheepherding; Predatory animals--Control; Trapping.;
    • Barr Lake State Park

    • "The conservation plan for Barr Lake State Park combines the interests of Colorado State Parks, the Colorado Division of Wildlife and The Conservation Fund. These groups worked together with Design Workshop to define a buffer of undeveloped land...
    • Park; Wastewater treatment and reuse; Wetland mitigation; Landscape architecture
    • Milton and Marsha Oman interview

    • Mr. Milt Oman talks about his life-long career as the ranch manager over three Simplot ranches, while living in Grouse Creek. Mr. and Mrs. Oman speak about raising a family on a rural ranch. Interviewed by Randy Williams on November 9, 2010 at the...
    • Oman, Milton--Interviews; Oman, Marsha--Interviews; Ranching.; Haying equipment; Pasture, Right of; Pasture animals; Pastures—Irrigation; Ranchers; Ranch Managers; 4-H Youth Development Program (U.S.); Future Farmers of America;
    • Sharon Miller interview

    • Sharon talks about her family history in ranching and her adult and married life as a ranching wife. She talks about managing a ranch with her husband, raising their family on a ranch and the differences in raising beef and buffalo. Interviewed by...
    • Miller, Sharon--Interviews; Ranching.; Range management.; Ranching; Ranchers; Bison farming; Haying equipment; Pasture, Right of; Pasture animals;
    • Summary fact sheet Highway 89, 1986

    • Four page fact sheet of the Logan Canyon Study from November 1986 by Utah Department of Transportation and CH2M HILL summarizing the area's transportation needs, roadway conditions, safety, and maintenance. Also included are graphs and tables...
    • Logan Canyon (Utah); United States Highway 89; Utah; Roadside improvement--Utah--Logan Canyon; Roads--Design and construction;
    • Introduction to Highway 89 study

    • An 8 page project introduction by the Utah Department of Transportation (UDOT) that outlines the purpose of the Logan Canyon study, listing three main objectives; the backgroud and description of the Logan Canyon study; a schedule, including a list...
    • Logan Canyon (Utah); United States Highway 89; Utah; Roadside improvement--Utah--Logan Canyon;
    • Environmental Study, scope of work for Logan Canyon

    • Exhibit A of the Logan Canyon environmental study scope of work that lists the numerous tasks to be completed for the project including an analysis of transportation needs such as safety, maintenance, and congestion; location studies from specific...
    • Logan Canyon (Utah); Roadside Improvement--Utah--Logan Canyon; United States Highway 89;
    • Logan Canyon Environmental Study

    • The transcript of a public meeting held to answer questions concerning the devleopment of the Logan Canyon.
    • Logan Canyon (Utah); Roads Improvement--Utah--Logan Canyon; United States Highway 89;
    • Elaine Larson interview

    • Elaine Larson talks about growing up on the Deseret Ranch in Rich County, Utah where her father, Peter Mower, was the ranch foreman. Interviewed by Randy Williams on June 25, 2010 at the Larson home in Plain City, Utah. The transcript is provided...
    • Larson, Elaine--Interviews; Ranchers; Sheepherding; Ranch manager; Haying equipment; Livestock brands; Dairy farming; Cooking (Variety meats);
    • Pittsburgh WWII Memorial

    • "The Pittsburgh World War II Memorial Inspired by the concepts of Duty, Honor, and Country, the memorial tells the story of Pittsburgh's contribution to the war and of the war itself. The scheme offers two plazas on either end of the Hall of Honor,...
    • Landscape architecture; War memorials


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